Customer Testimonials


"Prior to utilising KnowledgeSmart's web based testing tools our methods of testing, assessment and the identification of training needs was, to say the least, archaic! Through KnowledgeSmart's web based testing tools we now have the ability to not only accurately assess any potential new employees but also maintain our high level of skills by identifying the training needs of our existing staff. It's also good to know that the team behind KnowledgeSmart have a real understanding on the needs of the customer by making sure the tests are up to date, current and correct to industry standards."

Senior BIM/CAD Design Technician - M&E, TATA

"KnowledgeSmart is a powerful and flexible assessment platform that allows us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our global staff."

- James Vandezande
AIA, Principal Director, HOK buildingSMART

"KnowledgeSmart has provided us with an opportunity to identify training requirements; we can now tailor our training programmes to address the appropriate areas. KnowledgeSmart also affords users the opportunity to monitor their own CAD and BIM development."

- David Davison
IT Manager, RTKL UK

"KnowledgeSmart is a great tool! Given the size of our organization, our team needed a tool that doesn't require high technology and support overhead for hundreds of users. It's easy to get in, create assessments, gather results and analyze them. And customizing is very easy."

- David Spehar
Corporate BIM Leader, Stantec

"We love to work with the KS team, not only because of the synergy between our two offerings but because they have a great attitude to collaboration and getting things done, as well as a product and a service which is unrivalled. KnowledgeSmart provides an essential aspect of strategic training by identifying skills gaps for efficient, targeted training."

- Paul Woddy
Director, White Frog

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