Frequently asked questions

The KS tools are primarily used for identifying software skills gaps and training needs for in-house users, or for filtering the skills of new recruits as part of the interview process.
The KS tools are not marketed as a formal exam or certification process. Instead, the main deliverable of the KS system is training needs data and skills gap analysis for businesses.
KS presents an interactive skills assessment for a wide range of technical software applications. It is a web based, practical test of knowledge and ability, so users will need access to a copy of the software, for which they are being assessed. They are presented with a series of task based and knowledge based questions, entering answers into the KS browser screen. At the end, a summary report with detailed feedback and coaching notes can be displayed to the user. System administrators can access detailed reports, highlighting results, benchmark statistics and training recommendations.
No. The KS tools are cloud based. Your subscription ensures you will always have access to the latest features and system updates.
No, you can use the KS tools on a pay-as-you-go basis.
KS subscriptions run for a rolling 12-month period.
Yes. KS creates skills assessments that identify skills gaps, which, in turn, help formulate tailored training curriculum. We're proud to partner with Eagle Point Software to take that process a step further, and offer accompanying training content and integration with their Pinnacle Series e-learning system.
Yes. KS is integrated with the Pinnacle Series e-learning platform, as well as other training providers.
Yes, KS has a network of carefully chosen partners, in a number of territories around the world. Please contact us for further details.
We work with a global network of world class authors. They are subject matter experts, often published and working as consultants to industry, so they understand the practical application of the tools, as well as the menus and mouse-clicks. Popular KS authors include: CASE Inc, Chris Senior, Darryl McClelland, Eric Chappell, Envision CAD, Evolve, John Evans, Josh Modglin, Joel Harris, Paul Aubin, Paul Woddy, Revit Factory, Robert Manna, Scott Moyse, Scott Onstott, Tony Tedder, Thomas Weir, White Frog.
Yes, you have authoring tools for creating new questions from scratch and editing existing questions which appear in the KS library.
Yes, KS administrators have full editorial control over all KS material, sorting and moving existing questions between modules and tests or surveys.
Yes. Import your KS test into the drafts area of your admin dashboard and you can make a number of custom changes.
Yes. Go to the Results > Data page of your dashboard and look for the 'Export results to csv' tool. You have a number of export options to choose from.
Not at the moment. That being said, KS customers have full editorial control, so many customers write their own questions in a variety of languages
All users can re-set their KS password at any time, by clicking the 'Forgot password' link on the KS login page, or by updating the 'My Details' section of your personal KS page.
Sometimes KS invite mails are blocked by spam prevention software. If the KS mails are not in junk mail, then your corporate security might not be allowing the mails through. This happens from time to time. A combination of the following steps usually resolves the issue:
  • 'White flag' the domain
  • 'White flag' the domain
  • 'White flag' mails from
That should allow the mails to work OK. However, if they are still getting blocked, there is one more thing to try. Our hosting company sometimes uses a relay server in Germany, called
  • 'White flag' the domain
That should sort everything out, from a corporate mails point of view.
Yes. All answers will be saved if users resume a test session, at a later date.
Yes. The clock stops recording elapsed time when users log out of a test session and starts again when you log back in.
Go to the Results > Global Comparisons page of your dashboard and select the test title(s) you want to compare your results data against. KS global benchmarks comprise anonymous, aggregated data, for our most popular assessments.