KnowledgeSmart Touch

KnowledgeSmart Touch is our new monthly way of keeping in touch. But it is not only that. It is also about KnowledgeSmart creating a new platform for our customers to share ideas, network and ignite conversations. You get tons of secret content, which only our subscribers receive. Become an expert in the KnowledgeSmart user experience and share our exciting new community.

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KnowledgeSmart Touch 13

  • Eagle Point Software Acquisition
  • 2022 library update news
  • Discover granular admin roles
  • Free critical skills checklist
  • Skill Audits or Skill Assessments?

KnowledgeSmart Touch 11

  • Manage Team Data
  • Manager Skill Search
  • Manager Rating Match All
  • Updated Power BI Template - Assessments
  • Following with training – 3 Tips

KnowledgeSmart Touch 10

  • New Library Updates
  • Skills Audit Library Detailed List
  • Updated User Guides
  • 2021 Development Roadmap
  • Skills Power BI Report Videos

KnowledgeSmart Touch 9

  • Meet KnowledgeSmart Skills
  • Discover the new skills survey library
  • The new teams feature
  • New Skills Survey Heatmap visualisations
  • Micro-Assessments

KnowledgeSmart Touch 8

  • 2021 library updates
  • Sneak peek – skills audit tool
  • Build bespoke skill queries
  • New guide for administrators
  • Tips for analysing survey data

KnowledgeSmart Touch 7

  • Growing demand for a more flexible and responsive workplace.
  • 2021 Library and Training Tag Updates
  • Streamline with our batch edit tool
  • Custom Assessment Content Tips and Tricks
  • Training strategies to use right now

KnowledgeSmart Touch 6

  • Build and grow your agile team with us
  • Brand new self-invite tool
  • New Move Data Feature
  • Discover Links to Learning and launch targeted training plans
  • Bring your KS data a little closer

KnowledgeSmart Touch 5

  • New KnowledgeSmart Interface Launched
  • New Contractor Profile Type Launched
  • KnowledgeSmart skills matrix tool sneak peek
  • KnowledgeSmart Post Assessment Metrics
  • Building an assessment business case

KnowledgeSmart Touch 4

  • KnowledgeSmart interface settings update
  • PowerBI Template - Latest Version Updates
  • Assess for better skills utilisation
  • Top Revit mistakes slowing your team down
  • Top tips for assessment authoring

KnowledgeSmart Touch 3

  • New Digital Proctoring Message
  • Authenticating Your Assessments
  • New Batch Assessment Edit Tool
  • New Results Visualisations
  • Updated Global Benchmark Data

KnowledgeSmart Touch 2

  • Annual KnowledgeSmart Checklist
  • Integration Focus
  • Explaining Skill Assessments
  • Project Collaboration
  • New Assessment Interface

KnowledgeSmart Touch 1

  • Sample Assessment Plan
  • New Assessment Interface
  • New Email Format For Assessment Reports
  • New Step-by-Step User Video
  • Assessment Authoring Tips