Terms and conditions

  1. A completed agreement confirms an intention to subscribe to the KnowledgeSmart service at the agreed price and your full compliance with our terms and conditions.
  2. KnowledgeSmart will enable customers to access the assessment tools and online reporting data when payment terms have been confirmed. KnowledgeSmart will enable access to the customer login area (commonly referred to as the ‘dashboard’) on the company website (www.knowledgesmart.net) and to the functionality appropriate to the subscription level.
  3. Subscription deals are valid for a minimum of 12 months.
  4. Your subscription license covers assessments taken at those offices of your company agreed at the commencement of the service. Permission to use the service in additional offices, or international agreements, may be granted separately by discussion with your KnowledgeSmart account manager or relevant business partner.
  5. Each account will appoint an appropriate account administrator(s). Any technical support requests must be communicated via the account administrator(s). KnowledgeSmart may not recognise support tickets which are not relayed via the recognised account administrator(s).
  6. KnowledgeSmart will endeavour to respond promptly to any technical queries you may encounter during setup and live testing. Our support team has a target response time of 4 UK business hours. International support may take up to 7 business hours for a response, but is typically much quicker. Support issues should be raised and managed using our support system in the dashboard.
  7. Abuse of the license agreement or service will result in suspension of the account, pending further investigation.
  8. Permission to access the assessment tools and dashboard may be suspended if payment is not received as per the agreed schedule.
  9. All prices quoted are valid for a period of 60 days, after which a new order confirmation may be required.
  10. Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice, by cheque/check or electronic transfer.
  11. KnowledgeSmart will remind the customer of the renewal due date, 30 days in advance of the date.
  12. If a subscription is not renewed at any point, you will no longer be able to use the assessment tools, nor access your online dashboard results data. KnowledgeSmart will retain all legacy assessment data for a period of six months after the lapse of any subscription. If a subscription is renewed during this period, all legacy results will once again be available. After six months, KnowledgeSmart may delete all assessment results from dormant accounts. If a customer subsequently renews their subscription after this time, they may no longer have historical records available.
  13. If a customer authors custom assessment content, the rights to re-use the material remain with the customer. Customers require an active license to remain in place, in order to send invites to their teams, for any custom assessments they may have created. Customers may delete custom content at any time. If a customer subscription lapses, KnowledgeSmart may share, or re-use any remaining custom content, in the ‘KS Community’ section of the library. For existing subscribers, KnowledgeSmart will not share any custom content with the wider KS Community, without prior permission from the customer.
  14. KnowledgeSmart reserves the right to amend the pricing structure of its services at any time. Subscription prices will not increase during the agreement period, but may be reviewed after the period has elapsed. KnowledgeSmart will provide 30 days’ notice of any intended price changes.
  15. Despite exhaustive testing, due to the large variety of system components there may be configurations under which KnowledgeSmart has not been tested. We cannot guarantee the service will work with every component configuration.
  16. KnowledgeSmart’s online systems and servers have an exemplary uptime record (99.5%), but we cannot be held liable for rare service outages due to failures in our online systems or servers.
  17. Any software, test library content or tools made available to access via the KnowledgeSmart website are the copyrighted work of KnowledgeSmart and/or its suppliers.
  18. KnowledgeSmart will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the results obtained through the use of its skills testing service.
  19. Your use of KnowledgeSmart means that you are collecting data on individuals and as such you should be aware of your data protection obligations under the relevant legislation governing such activities. KnowledgeSmart’s systems and security comply with current regulations and it is important that you keep your account details and access passwords confidential.
  20. Customers will be notified no less than one month in advance in the event that service is to be withdrawn from operation in such exceptional circumstances as KnowledgeSmart facing administration, cessation in trading, or similar.
  21. KnowledgeSmart will not share the results of any individual or company with any third party without written permission to do so. (Written permission can include confirmation by email).
  22. You may not use, download, upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, post, transmit, distribute or resell any component, logo, graphic, sound, image or any other contents from the KnowledgeSmart website or applications in whole or in part without the express written authorisation of KnowledgeSmart.
  23. KnowledgeSmart occasionally makes reference to existing customers in its web and marketing collateral, including gathering customer testimonials. If you would prefer that we don’t mention your company name, please advise accordingly.
  24. In exceptional circumstances, KnowledgeSmart reserves the right to cancel subscriptions with immediate effect.