Customer Testimonials


"Adoption of KnowledgeSmart has significantly increased our awareness and understanding of skill competencies concerning existing employees and new recruits knowledge of current CAD/BIM technology. Its utilisation within our global business is continually shaping our strategy and is already paying dividends simply through our improved recruitment process"

- Duncan Brannan
UK CAD Operations Manager, WSP Group

"Prior to utilising KnowledgeSmart’s web based testing tools our methods of testing, assessment and the identification of training needs was, to say the least, archaic! Through KnowledgeSmart's web based testing tools we now have the ability to not only accurately assess any potential new employees but also maintain our high level of skills by identifying the training needs of our existing staff. It's also good to know that the team behind KnowledgeSmart have a real understanding on the needs of the customer by making sure the tests are up to date, current and correct to industry standards."

- Mark Lawton-Taylor
Senior BIM/CAD Design Technician – M&E, TATA

"The KnowledgeSmart tool is a key ingredient to maintaining our on-going training programme supporting us to assess our staff training requirements. The tool is also invaluable in assessing potential candidate's competency levels and providing statistical comparisons, not only for our company, but at a global level."

- Associate
Pascall + Watson Architects

"KnowledgeSmart is a powerful and flexible assessment platform that allows us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our global staff."

- James Vandezande
AIA, Principal Director, HOK buildingSMART

"KnowledgeSmart provides an excellent and well established method of assessing our technical staff to highlight areas of training that need to be addressed. This ensures our staff is at the forefront of the software they are using, by concentrating training on their individual needs."

- Graham H Stewart
Head of BIM – Structures, Ramboll

"KnowledgeSmart's simple modular assessments dovetail perfectly with our modular in-house training material. The granular approach to testing and reporting helps us target specific user training requirements and skills gaps; allowing us to then deliver further focused training and re-assessments. The reporting structure of the software also assists greatly by allowing us to measure individual against individual, project against project and office against office; all benchmarked back to industry standards. We find KnowledgeSmart to be an invaluable tool as we continue our BIM journey."

- Jane Carter
Project Technology Analyst, BDP

"KnowledgeSmart has changed the way we evaluate recruits & identify staff training needs. The ability to use assessments 'out of the box' or customize to suit is great – and gives us the flexibility needed whatever the subject matter. Implemented well, KnowledgeSmart is a useful tool for any company committed to training and up-skilling their staff."

- Associate (BIM)
PRP Architects

"KnowledgeSmart is a great tool! Given the size of our organization, our team needed a tool that doesn't require high technology and support overhead for hundreds of users. It's easy to get in, create assessments, gather results and analyze them. And customizing is very easy."

- David Spehar
Corporate BIM Leader, Stantec

"KnowledgeSmart has greatly improved our ability to evaluate new hires and internal team transfers against a known benchmark. The information we gather from the KnowledgeSmart software and process allow us to immediately evaluate both internal and external candidates against known values of current employees who exemplify the qualifications and skills for the positions we are attempting to fill. Analyzing the results helps us more accurately place candidates and plan for additional training focusing only on the areas shown as deficient in the candidate, thus greatly reducing the training time needed to get the user productive."

- Director
Design Technology, FRCH Design Worldwide

"KnowledgeSmart has provided us with an opportunity to identify training requirements; we can now tailor our training programmes to address the appropriate areas. KnowledgeSmart also affords users the opportunity to monitor their own CAD and BIM development."

- David Davison
IT Manager, RTKL UK

"KnowledgeSmart is an exceptional aid to all manners of BIM testing and progressive improvement. In my experience there is no other firm that comes close to offering the same service as KnowledgeSmart."

- Dave Lee
BIM Manager, AECOM

"KnowledgeSmart has proven valuable as an assessment tool for our in house training requirements. It has also provided a valuable benchmark allowing us to more accurately compare prospective new staff against existing skills."

- Mark McCusker
CAD Manager, Gensler

"KnowledgeSmart has helped us differentiate between potential new hires based on assessments available in the Knowledge Smart interface."

- Todd Williams
Technology Manager, CRB Consulting Engineers Inc.

"KnowledgeSmart is an integral part of our technical staff skills development and business strategy in this ever challenging and competitive market. KnowledgeSmart's customer focus and service is second to none."

- BIM Manager

"As well as providing an excellent tool to evaluate skills of existing staff and potential recruits, KnowledgeSmart provides extremely useful KPI of skills on a regional basis, essential in building confidence in the work packaging process."

- Ray Purvis
BIM Manager, Atkins

"KnowledgeSmart is simply the best training needs analysis tool in the AEC market. It allows us to objectively quantify, monitor and report on productivity in our clients' offices; it’s the link between professional development and profitability. The return on investment is easy to justify. KnowledgeSmart should be the one single tool of choice for all practices serious about remaining competitive and ensuring their staff are the best they can be."

- Nigel Davies
Director, Evolve

"We love to work with the KS team, not only because of the synergy between our two offerings but because they have a great attitude to collaboration and getting things done, as well as a product and a service which is unrivalled. KnowledgeSmart provides an essential aspect of strategic training by identifying skills gaps for efficient, targeted training."

- Paul Woddy
Director, White Frog

"KnowledgeSmart is fundamental in the assessment of technical software abilities for existing and potential staff. It provides increased business awareness of current skill-sets, records valuable cross-office KPIs and enables management to better resource and deliver training within budgets. "

- Associate Director
Graphics Technology Business Improvement, Capita Symonds

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