Autodesk - Inventor

Inventor Fundamentals

This online skills assessment covers a range of core Inventor skills. The content is split into 4 parts, with a variety of practical and knowledge based exercises, as follows:

Part 1: Assembly 

Part 2: Drawings 

Part 3: Part Modelling

Part 4: Sheet Metal


About the Authors

John Evans

John Evans is the Managing Director and technical specialist at Design & Motion, an R&D consulting firm assisting customers with product design, validation, simulation, data management, implementation, and training. He is a veteran with 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry with mechanical engineering, design, fabrication, CNC manufacturing processes and recently, civil engineering technologies. John’s work has been published on CadDigest and AUGI World Magazine, and continues to serve as AUGI’s manufacturing column editor.

John holds professional certifications from USAF, Autodesk and NSPS. He speaks English and Japanese, and continues his education in Japanese culture while pursuing his degree in aeronautical engineering.

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