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Graphisoft ArchiCAD Fundamentals (parts 1-4)

This assessment looks at your knowledge across a range of basic ArchiCAD functions. Modules include; User Interface, Navigation & Workflow, General Drafting, General Modeling, Printing & Plotting and Model Management.


SketchUp Fundamentals

Detailed skills assessment and training feedback for Google SketchUp. This test comprises questions covering a range of basic SketchUp commands.


Rhino Fundamentals

Detailed skills assessment and training needs analysis for Rhino. This test comprises questions covering a range of basic Rhino skills, including, curves, surfaces, solids, control points, objects and layers.


Adobe InDesign Occasional

Skills assessment and training needs analysis for casual users of Adobe InDesign software. This test comprises questions covering a range of basic InDesign skills. Modules covered include; Colour, Graphics, Image, Layout and text.


Adobe Photoshop Occasional

Skills assessment and training needs analysis for casual users of Adobe Photoshop software. This test comprises questions covering a range of basic Photoshop skills. Modules covered include; Selection techniques, Painting tools, Retouching, Layers, Text and Special effects.


Solibri Fundamentals

This assessment comprises questions covering a range of basic Solibri Model Checker skills, including; User Interface, Model Review & Annotation, Data Interrogation, Model Checking, Model Comparison.


About the Authors

Evolve Consultancy

Evolve Consultancy help clients work more profitably by improving their use of design technology. Their client list and track record speaks for itself, providing pivotal BIM and CAD management, training and support services to many of the most prolific design and construction firms across the world. They have unique insight and first-hand understanding of cutting-edge design and construction data production and exchange practices. Evolve appreciates the need for reality-based solutions to aid the project design process. 

Directors Nigel Davies and Daniel Heselwood regularly present to major conferences in the US and UK, are authors of the “Practical Modelling” series of books and feature in industry press, including the RIBA Journal. Evolve has been involved in the development of UK BIM processes as members of the PAS1192 steering committee, and as chair / authors of the AEC (UK) BIM documents.

Evolve’s website: www.evolve-consultancy.com 

Scott Onstott

Scott Onstott is an independent consultant, author, editor, video producer, and former university instructor who has 16 years of experience teaching and writing about architectural design and visualization software. He has a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, has worked in a number of architectural and engineering firms, and has expert knowledge of 3ds Max, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp.

Scott's website: http://www.scottonstott.com


CASE Inc. exists where building and technology intersect. We combine our experience as architects, project managers and teachers with a passion for technology to improve the way buildings are designed, realized and operated. CASE is a virtual design and construction (VDC) and integrated-practice consultancy based in New York City. We provide strategic advising to building design professionals, contractors and owners seeking to supplant traditional project delivery methods through technology-driven process innovation. We help clients identify, implement and manage the technologies and business practices that enable more effective coordination, communication and collaboration throughout all phases of the building lifecycle.

Our approach is as much about change management, as it is about technology. Technology does not exist in a vacuum. Without careful consideration of the people who will be using it, how it will be used, and the problems it has to solve, technology cannot live up to its potential. Our value proposition is our ability to work across disciplines and technologies in order to identify core problems and develop comprehensive strategies.

CASE Inc. website: www.case-inc.com

ATV Communications

ATV Communications are suppliers of training throughout the UK on a range of graphics, business and systems software. Our main expertise is working with creatives in Architecture, Design and Technology industries, where we have more than 20 years' experience of changing business needs.

Principal, Terry Hood, has 30 years experience in design across a broad range of industries, from electronics to heavy engineering and has worked in a variety of roles from design, consulting and training to sales and marketing.

ATV provides training and authoring services for a range of technical software titles, including; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Quark Xpress and a range of business and web technology products. 

ATV Communications' website: : www.atv.co.uk

Scott McKenzie

Scott MacKenzie has 23 years experience in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry, managing hardware and software systems for a number of leading firms, including HOK, Anshen + Allen and Stantec. Scott is an expert in CAD and architectural virtual building software (BIM), a contributing writer for Cadalyst Magazine and Cadalyst.com and contributing editor for Graphisoft's ArchiCAD for AutoCAD user's manual.

Scott's blog: http://scotthmackenzie.blogspot.co.uk